My name is Sonali Prabhu and I have been doing photography and videography for what feels like my whole life, but seriously, for about 5 years now. I'm so excited to get to know you when you book me, but for now feel free to read this page to get to know me!
I graduated in May 2019 from the University of Central Florida
with a major in Radio/ Television. Going into college, my dream was to be the next E! Network Host, but that dream evolved into a different path throughout my four years. At a young age I was very intrigued by technology and cameras and got my own digital camera when I was in elementary school. When I was old enough, I finally invested in a DSLR. This camera was with me when I first started shooting my friend’s senior portraits in high school! I moved from my little suburb outside of Atlanta to sunny (& humid) Orlando, FL in 2015. When I got to school, I joined Kappa Delta sorority and later served as the Vice President of Public Relations for 2 terms. In this role, I fell deeply in love with all things photography, videography & social media. In the summer of 2017, I was awarded the Community Visibility Award out of more than 160 chapters across the states for my video series and photos. This is when I started to take photography & videography more seriously. I started having girls on campus ask if I would take their graduation photos-- now this is where I REALLY felt my passion bloom. I loved having a helping hand in making my clients feel beautiful and confident dent in their graduation announcements. I quickly started branching out and doing event recap videos, food photography, blogger photos and so much more.

After I graduated college my boyfriend found a job in Austin, TX and thought it would be an adventure if I tagged along. We moved to Austin in June 2019 and that is where I am currently based out of now. I am obsessed with Austin from the picturesque walls and nature to the to die for food! Everyday I remind myself how blessed I am to be living in such an awesome city! I came here looking for a job in content creation and social media, but I guess fate wanted me to become a full time photographer and videographer! I am extremely grateful for all of my past and future clients who allow me to do what I am so passionate about.

Nice to meet ya!


Based in Austin, TX

Available Worldwide