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Mauro & Melanie's Wedding

I started taking photography seriously about 5 years ago and I told myself that I would never photograph weddings because they are so stressful and I never wanted to be the one to mess up anyone's big day! Come Fall of 2019, I decide to dip my toes in the wedding industry and try out second shooting. I was extremely thankful for the main photographer who gave me the chance even though I had no experience in wedding photography.

I think the reason I was so nervous to do weddings is because I didn't attend too many weddings growing up so I wasn't familiar with the structure of the day. Once I got to my first wedding, the photographer handed me a schedule telling me where I needed to be and I immediately felt better. Fast forward to 2020-- I shot my first wedding by myself! I was SO happy with the way the photos turned out and I just felt so grateful to be at Mauro & Melanie's wedding capturing memories that they will always look back on!

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