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Everything to bring to a grad shoot

It is that time of year! Congratulations to all of the 2020 graduates! I know this is not how you expected your senior year to end, but I admire how strong you seniors are being during this pandemic. Good news-- here in Texas things are starting to open up so I have slowly started to do graduation shoots at The University of Texas at Austin! It makes me feel so fulfilled that I can provide these moments and lasting memories, especially to this senior class. I wanted to put together a list of things that I highly recommend bringing to your session to ensure your session will go smoothly.

  1. Hairspray or Hair Oil- to tame any flyaways
  2. Hairbrush- incase it's windy
  3. Towel- to dry off after getting into the pond
  4. Sandals- to walk around campus in
  5. Lip Color- trust me on this-- it will make your photos look so much better if you have some color on and not just gloss
  6. Oil Blotting Sheets- the summer is approaching and I don't want your makeup to melt off
  7. Outfit Changes- to get more variety
  8. Props- whether it's champagne or a sign, bring something that shows off your personality.
  9. Stole & Cords- I provide a cap and gown for my clients, but be sure to bring things to customize your graduation look.

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